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Air Warfare Destroyer: Project Update Quarter 2, 2017


The AWD Alliance has had an exciting second quarter in 2017 celebrating the provisional acceptance of the first destroyer Hobart to the Commonwealth at the Osborne Naval Shipyard on 16 June.  This follows a number of other significant project and ship progress milestones for Ship 02, Brisbane, and Ship 03, Sydney, as well as several VIP visits and employee events.
Hobart Provisional Acceptance-01

Ship Milestones

Ship 1
  • Hobart was provisionally accepted on 16 June by the Commonwealth Government at an event attended by Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon. Christopher Pyne onboard the ship. The event involved the official signing for the provisional acceptance certificate as well as the presentation of Hobart’s bell rope and battle honours board to Captain John Stavridis, Hobart’s Commanding Officer.
  • In the lead up to provisional acceptance of Ship 01, Hobart, the Alliance achieved the signing of both the Ship System Designer’s Certificate and the AWD Certificate of Conformance.  The Designer’s Certificate verifies that the design of the Hobart-class ship meets the requirements that were set at the commencement of the AWD project. The AWD Certificate of Conformance verifies that the final physical product; the ship, conforms to the design in the Designer’s Certificate.
  • Following the ship’s provisional acceptance, employees and their families were invited to tour the ship during a Families Day before Hobart transfers to her home port of Sydney where the ship will be commissioned into naval service on 23 September.

Ship 2

  • Brisbane is 90% complete (whole of ship as at May 2017).
  • In April, Brisbane commenced a 52-week testing period known as Combat System Light Off (CSLO) by the Test & Activation team. CSLO is the commencement of testing of the ship’s Combat System, when the equipment is powered on for the first time and functionally tested, enabling systems to be brought progressively online. 
  • The Combat System Test & Activation Team also achieved the significant milestone of the first transmission of Brisbane’s SPY-1D(V) radar in mid-June. The SPY-1D(V) radar is an integral part of the Air Warfare Destroyer’s Combat System and provides the primary tracks that allow the system to detect, track and engage incoming air threats. 

Ship 3

  • Sydney is 60% complete (whole of ship as at May 2017). 
  • On 15 May, the Ship 03 team successfully lifted the mast onto the hull of Sydney, following a Mast Stepping Ceremony on 10 May. The Mast Stepping Ceremony celebrates a long standing naval tradition of placing a coin under the mast of a ship for good luck.
  • Ten days later on 26 May, the Ship 03 team accomplished a major ship construction milestone with the achievement of Stern Release. The process of Stern Release involves releasing the timber supports at the aft end of the ship, allowing the ship to lower and settle in a natural position. 
  • By applying lessons learnt from Ship 02, the Ship 03 team achieved a 37% decrease in man hours for the Stern Release process and a further improvement of 15% on top of the already optimised Ship 02 mast outfitting strategy.
  • The Ship 3 team is aiming to complete Sydney’s hull integration in August 2017.  

Combat System

  • On 18 May, the AWD Alliance signed the Combat System Designer’s Certificate representing the culmination of over a decade of CS design work and a whopping 500,000 hours of design, integration and testing work by the AWD Combat System team.  
  • Even though the Combat System Designer’s Certificate has been signed, the Combat System team continue to work hard actively integrating the Combat System onboard Brisbane after the commencement of Combat System Light Off in April.
General News
  • On 16 May, the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, together with Ministers Marise Payne and Christopher Pyne, visited the AWD Alliance to release the nation’s first Naval Shipbuilding Plan outlining the nation’s largest ever program of naval shipbuilding and sustainment.
  • In June, the AWD Alliance implemented an Integrated Platform Management System Pierside Monitor (IPMSPM) for the first of class ship, Hobart.  This equipment enables the Navy to monitor the AWD’s on-board platform equipment and systems remotely whilst alongside the wharf at Fleet Base East in its home port of Sydney.  This technology brings the application of computer aided control and supervision of our vessels into a new era for the Royal Australian Navy.
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