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Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance celebrates launch of Second destroyer Brisbane
15 Dec 2016

Today, the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance celebrated another major milestone with the official launch of the second destroyer Brisbane at the Techport Australia facility in Osborne, South Australia. Read full article

First Destroyer Hobart Successfully Completes Builder Sea Trials
24 Sep 2016

Today, the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance achieved a major milestone with the successful completion of Builder Sea Trials for the first destroyer Hobart following several days at sea off the coast of South Australia. Read full article

AWD Alliance Starts Hobart’s Gas Turbine Engines
21 Jul 2016

Months of hard work from Production and Test and Activation has resulted in the successful commissioning of the AWD Gas Turbines on Hobart. Read full article

Ship 2 Shaft Shifted in a Day
08 Jul 2016

With a timeline of only eight months to complete the installation of the Propulsion Shaft Line on Ship 2, the Shafting Team has been highly effective in evaluating and implementing lessons learnt from the Ship 1 installation, a process which previously took 12 months to complete. Read full article

Impressive Efficiency for Ship 3
24 Jun 2016

The consolidation of Ship 3 continues with the load out and capping of Block 405 onto Block 103. This took place on Wednesday 22 June, after Sydney’s AFT Diesel Generator Engine Room and AFT Main Switchboard Room were successfully loaded out. Read full article

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