The Alliance


The Alliance

The Australian Air Warfare Destroyer project will deliver three world-class ships and their support systems to the Royal Australian Navy. The project is being delivered under an Alliance contract arrangement between the Commonwealth of Australia (represented by the Defence Materiel Organisation) as owner-participant, ASC and Raytheon Australia.

Chief Executive Officer Rod Equid leads the AWD Alliance and is accountable to the Alliance Board comprised of the Chief Executive Officers from the partner organisations.

An alliance structure ensures an equitable sharing of risks and rewards. It establishes a cooperative environment which supports collaborative resolution of the various challenges associated with a large complex project. The AWD project is the first major Australian Defence procurement project to use an alliance business model.

The AWD project is also laying the foundation for a sustainable naval shipbuilding sector in Australia. It is building on existing national capability to establish a world-class naval shipbuilding and systems integration capability. The project has involved rebuilding the maritime industry capability in Australia which has resulted in major economic benefits to thousands of people, businesses and families. When combined with equipment suppliers, the total AWD workforce will grow to over 3,000 people at its peak.



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