$20m worth of Combat System contracts signed

02 Dec 2008

The Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Alliance today announced it had signed contracts for the provision of a further three elements of the AWD's Hobart Class combat system.

The AWD Alliance is made up of the Defence Materiel Organisation, ASC and Raytheon Australia. The first of three AWDs is scheduled for delivery in 2014.

The AWD Alliance’s CEO, John Gallacher said the latest contract signings demonstrated that the $8 billion project was on schedule and on budget.

In the past month the AWD Alliance has signed contracts totalling about $20m for the provision of:

  • an Infra Red Search and Track capability ($10m)
  • a Counter Measure capability ($5m)
  • Navigation Radar ($3m)

These follow contracts entered into earlier this year for an Australian Tactical Interface Phase One ($4m), the ships’ sonar capability ($85m) and the ships’ MK 45 5” gun ($80m).

Mr Gallacher said the Alliance aimed to complete a number of other combat system procurements by the end of the year including the harpoon weapon launcher and control system, the very short range defence capability, the torpedo launch system and tubes and satellite communications antennas.

Information on the latest contracts is outlined below.

Infra-Red Search & Track (IRST) System

Role: To provide passive Infra Red (IR) detection, tracking and classification of objects within the surface, above surface, and land search volumes.

Equipment: VAMPIR/EOMS

Supplier: Sagem Défense Sécurité is a French company comprising two divisions: Sagem Avionics and Sagem Optronics and Defense and employing approx 6000 employees. Sagem Optronics and Defense is a specialist in infrared optronics and  offers a complete range of systems and equipment: from night vision goggles to periscopes on nuclear submarines, as well as optronics pods for weapon systems and aircraft.

Value: Approx. $10M

Competitive tender applied following RFI responses and prior market survey

Counter Measure Launcher (CML) System

Role: Shipboard CML for the defence of the Hobart Class AWDs against inbound Anti-Ship Missiles (ASMs) and acoustic-homing torpedos, providing a defence layer against air, surface and subsurface threats to supplement the ship’s weapons.

Equipment:  MK137 Decoy Launchers   

Supplier: Terma develops and markets high-tech solutions, systems, and products for civilian and military applications. Terma A/S headquarters are located in Lystrup near Århus, Denmark.

Value:  Approx $5M

Competitive tender applied following RFI responses and prior market survey

Navigation Radar, Voyage Data Recorder, Automatic Identification System

Role: Essential components of the Navigation Bridge System, which enables: 

  •  safe maneuvering of the ship 
  •  tactical navigation determining relative positions of other vessels
  • Route planning and monitoring
  • Detection, tracking and identification of sea surface objects and obstacles


  • L-3 SAM Electronics X-Band Navigation Radar
  • L-3 SAM Electronics Voyage Data Recorder DEBEG 4300 
  •  L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders Division Protec-S AIS.

Supplier: L-3 Communications Nautronix Limited is an Australian company based in Fremantle, with experience in designing, developing and delivering marine systems and solutions to the RAN. L-3 Communications Nautronix Limited will be the prime contractor, working with sister companies L-3 SAM Electronics of Germany and L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders Division of the USA who are OEMs of the equipment as detailed above.

Note: L-3 Communications Nautronix are not involved in manufacturing under this contract – this role within the contract will be undertaken by the sister companies of L3. L3 will be the Program Management authority and will conduct the systems engineering integration effort to deliver the equipments against the full Statement of Requirement(SOR)

Value: Approx. $3.1M

Competitive tender applied following RFI responses and prior market survey

Australian Tactical Interface Phase One (ATI)

Role: The ATI is an integrated sensor control system and interface system to the Aegis System. This contract is to assist the Alliance in defining the requirements for the development of the ATI.

Equipment: The ATI is an integrated sensor control and interface system to the Aegis system.

Supplier: Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (KDA) has been awarded a contract to support Raytheon in a study phase (Phase 1) to define the detailed requirements for the development and manufacture of the ATI. No preferred vendor for Phase 2 has been identified.
The task requires a high level of experience and knowledge in integrating to Aegis. KDA has direct integration experience on a similar task integrating to Aegis on the Norwegian Aegis Frigate and the Korean Aegis Destroyer programs. In that capacity, it also gained experience working closely with Lockheed Martin and Navantia which are performing associated roles for the Hobart Class AWDs.

Value: Approx. $4M

Sole Sourced


For further information contact:

James Cannon
AWD Alliance Communications Manager
P: (08) 8165 7368
M: 0417 880 481

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