Latest Air Warfare Destroyer Combat System Contracts

04 May 2009

The AWD Alliance has announced that it has signed a further two contracts for provision of elements of the combat system for Australia’s three Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD).

The latest signings mean that the Alliance has in place contracts for the majority of the AWDs’ combat systems.

The Alliance has signed a contract worth $40million with Raytheon Missile Systems, USA for the provision of the Very Short Range Defence-Air capability and with Adelaide based Babcock Strachan and Henshaw Australia for the ships’ Torpedo Launch Tubes worth $10million. (detail below).

Very Short Range Defence-Air

Phalanx Block 1B Close in Weapons System (CIWS)

Role: The Phalanx Block 1B provides terminal defence against anti-ship missiles and other threats that have penetrated other fleet defences. Phalanx Block 1A is presently in service in the RAN. There is significant evolutionary design in the Block 1B making it in many respects a new generation weapon with many enhancements over the Block 1A currently in RAN service.

Equipment: Phalanx Block 1B Close in Weapons System (CIWS)

Supplier: Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS)

RMS is a division of the Raytheon Company that designs, develops, and produces missile systems for U.S. and allied forces, including air-to-air, strike, naval weapon systems, land combat missiles, guided projectiles, and directed energy weapons. RMS will manufacture, assemble and test the equipment necessary to interface the Phalanx to the Hobart Class AWD Platform Combat System via the Australian Tactical Interface.

Value: $40 million

Over the Side Torpedo - Torpedo Launch Tubes (TLTs)

Role: The TLTs interface to the Torpedo Launch Control System and the integrated system enables the Hobart Class AWDs to program and deploy Lightweight Torpedoes in defence against submarine contacts.

Equipment: Mk32 Mod9 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes (SVTT)

Supplier: Babcock Strachan & Henshaw Australia (BS&HA) is backed by the Babcock International Group Plc. BS&HA operates as a management partner, systems provider/integrator and design services engineer to meet the needs of its customers and projects across the entire "Concept - Assessment - Development - Manufacturing - In-Service - Disposal" (CADMID) cycle.

BS&HA are a local organisation based at Regency Park, Adelaide, with plans to relocate to the Suppliers Precinct at Techport, Osborne adjacent the AWD shipyard in September 2009. BS&HA currently provide Through Life & Materiel Support for the Collins Class Submarine Weapon Discharge System. It specializes in the areas of: Weapon Handling/Deployment Systems, Weapon Discharge Systems, Countermeasure Systems and Integrated Waste Management. BS&HA will undertake, in-country: procurement, assembly, test, installation and set-to-work of the Mk32 Mod9 SVTT for the Hobart Class AWDs..

Value: $10 million


For further information contact:

James Cannon
AWD Alliance Communications Manager
P: (08) 8165 7368
M: 0417 880 481

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