AWD 101
Our virtual, interactive learning platform.  Learn more about the AWD Combat and Platform Systems and how the different segments interact.

 Air Warfare Destroyers: The Big Picture
 Australia's national security and prosperity is defined by the sea.  As an island continent, Australia has sovereign rights over a vast area of ocean, along with the fishery, mineral and petroleum resources found within.

Australia's Maritime Jurisdictional Zone cover more than 16 million square kilometres of ocean, more than twice the area of the Australian mainland.  Australia's economy depends on the free movement of import and export items with our trading partners - to protect this area Australia needs a highly capable Navy.

How do you build an AWD?
Learn more about the traditional method of ship construction and how the Hobart Class Destroyers were built using a modular construction method.  See the key statistics on what is required to build an AWD.

The Hobart Class Combat System
The Hobart Class destroyers have a platform (ship) design based on the Spanish F100 series destroyers and the Aegis Weapon System developed for the US Navy.

The specialised Hobart Class Combat System combines specific Australian-selected additions with the core Aegis Weapon System; brought together through the Australian Tactical Interface, which was developed by Kongsberg and Raytheon Australia.

Learn more about the AWD's Combat System here.

Vital Stats
See the key statistics on the Air Warfare Destroyers.

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AWD Maritime STEM Curriculum
To view the full AWD Maritime STEM curriculum, please visit the Le Fevre High School website.

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