Hobart Sea Trials

Hobart successfully completes Sea Acceptance Trials

6 March 2017
On Friday, 3 March, the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance celebrated the successful completion of Sea Acceptance Trials by the first destroyer Hobart following 21 days at sea off the coast of South Australia. 
Over the past five weeks, the AWD Alliance has conducted some 20 platform system tests and 45 combat system tests, to successfully validate Hobart’s complete Mission System. 
During sea trials, Hobart’s sensors, weapons and communications systems have been put to the test by Royal Australian Air Force and civilian aircraft, Royal Australian Navy ships and helicopters through a complex series of simulated scenarios and battle space management.
The successful completion of Sea Acceptance Trials was achieved through the combined efforts of the 200+ crew on-board each week and the shore support team, with assistance from the Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, and Defence industry.  
With Hobart’s Sea Acceptance Trials now complete, the Alliance remains on track to deliver the first destroyer to Defence in June 2017. This represents more than decade of dedication and effort by the AWD shipbuilding and combat system workforce on one of the most complex defence projects in Australia’s history.




First Air Warfare Destroyer Commences Sea Acceptance Trials

30 January 2017

Today, the AWD Alliance commenced Sea Acceptance Trials for its first AWD, Hobart.
Hobart departed the Techport Wharf at 0910 for several weeks of advanced Platform and Combat System tests in local South Australian waters. 
Sea Acceptance Trials is the formal testing and acceptance phase for the AWD’s complete mission system and will prove the highly capable platform for delivery to Defence in mid-2017.
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Hobart to commence Sea Acceptance Trials

After the successful completion of Builder’s Sea Trials in September 2016, the AWD Alliance is now preparing for Hobart’s Sea Acceptance Trials.  
During Sea Acceptance Trials the function and performance of the ship’s complete Mission System will be verified through both Platform Systems and Combat Systems testing which can only be tested when the ship is at sea. 
For the Platform System this will involve testing of the main propulsion and manoeuvring systems; steering and ship stabilization; and auxiliary systems, such as water generation and purification. This phase of trials is the formal testing and acceptance of the platform system, proving the highly capable and efficient warship for delivery mid-2017.
For Combat System testing this includes Major Sensor Systems, such as Radars, Electro-Optical Systems and Sonar Systems; Major Weapons Systems, including Mk 41 Vertical Launch System, Mk 45 Mod 4 Gun, Typhoon, Close in Weapons System; and Navigation & Communication Systems. 
The Combat System architecture of the AWD has allowed the Alliance to successfully integrate the best of US systems with a selection of other key technologies from around Australia and the world. It represents some of the most complex and innovative engineering accomplishments yet undertaken in Australia. 
To ensure these systems are tested thoroughly, Hobart will work with a range of aircraft and surface ships. This will include Royal Australian Air Force Fighter Aircraft, Maritime Patrol Aircraft, Royal Australian Navy ships and helicopters, as well as other civilian platforms. 
Sea Acceptance Trials will take place in South Australian waters over several weeks. Hobart will be under the command of a civilian Master with his crew carrying out all key mariner functions, while the trials will be conducted by AWD Alliance personnel, including contractors and departmental civilian and uniformed personnel, with each trial assessed by a Commonwealth representative.
The completion of Sea Acceptance Trials is one of the final steps towards delivery of the first AWD to Defence, providing the Royal Australian Navy with a capability it has never before possessed and one of the most capable and lethal warships it has ever operated.

First destroyer Hobart successfully completes Builder Sea Trials

24 September 2016

Today, the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance achieved a major milestone with the successful completion of Builder Sea Trials for the first destroyer Hobart following several days at sea off the coast of South Australia.

AWD Alliance General Manager Lloyd Beckett said that sea trials was the commencement of an exciting new phase for the Air Warfare Destroyer project.

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First Air Warfare Destroyer Heads to Sea

At 9.20am on Monday 12 September 2016, the future Air Warfare Destroyer Hobart departed the wharf at Techport Adelaide for the first time to commence several days of ship builder sea trials off the coast of South Australia.

This first phase of trials is designed to test the ship’s hull, propulsion and navigation systems. A second phase of more advanced trials will take place in early 2017 when Hobart tests its combat and communications systems.

The commencement of Sea Trials is a significant milestone for the Air Warfare Destroyer project and a major step towards delivery of the most capable warships ever operated by the Royal Australian Navy. 

The AWD Alliance consisting of the Commonwealth, ASC and Raytheon Australia is scheduled to deliver the first destroyer to the Department of Defence in mid-2017. 


Hobart Departs for Sea Trials Sept 2016_2



Hobart Successfully Inclines

Months of preparation led to the successful Incline Trials for Hobart on 19 and 20 August 2016. The trials measured the ship’s vertical centre of gravity to ensure its stability met the regulatory requirements set by the Naval Technical Bureau – the regulator for all naval ships.

Taking place overnight to minimise the impact of weather, the Incline Trials were conducted by placing weights of 3.2 tonnes, on the ship’s deck and moving them a set distance across 8 movements – essentially heeling the ship. In knowing the displacement of the ship, the movements allow for the calculation of the ship's centre of gravity at that moment in time.

The Alliance Platform System Cross Production Team has been working towards the Incline Trials for nearly 12 months, with the past four months being particularly important in preparing for the milestone. In collaboration with Navantia, the team has been working with many departments across the Alliance to ensure Incline Trials were achieved ensuring Hobart could depart the wharf for sea trials. 



Hobart Completes Bollard Trial

With the Production day shift having ended and the wharf eerily quiet on 26 August 2016, the rumble of Hobart’s engines could be heard in the AWD shipyard. Teams across the Alliance had worked over the previous days to ensure the successful completion of Hobart’s Bollard Trial - an important shipbuilding trial in preparation for Sea Trials.

The Bollard Trial tests the entire ship’s propulsion and supporting systems while alongside the wharf. Thrust is generated by the diesel engines and gas turbines turning the shafts with pitch applied to the propellers, resembling the scenario of the ship being pushed through the water.

With over 50 people involved in carrying out the trial, the systems required to propel Hobart through the water were set to work, simulating a real-time situation, while the ship was held against the wharf with the support of tug boats.

The Bollard Trial is very much a team effort involving Engineers, Riggers, Production, Support Services, Ship’s crew, Facilities, and Test & Activation, with everyone working together to support the success of the trial to produce a working ship ready for sea trials.


Supporting Hobart at Sea

In supporting Hobart through Sea Trials, a key component of the process is the Alliance Shore Based Support Team. The Shore Based Support Team ensures the readiness of the ship to sail each day. This involves coordinating activities between Production, Platform Engineering, Test & Activation and Integrated Supply Chain.

During the sea trials period, dedicated shifts from across all Alliance departments guarantee that critical support functions are available when the ship arrives back each night to make the ship ready for sea the next day. The high level of coordination and communication between the ship’s trials crew and the Shore Based Support Team ensures Hobart is fully supported ashore, whilst helping to facilitate the success of Hobart’s trials at sea.



Hobart Sea Trials 2016

This September, the Air Warfare Destroyer Project enters an exciting new phase with Hobart commencing its first series of sea trials, Builder’s Sea Trials. This phase will demonstrate the functionality of the ship’s propulsion, maneuvering, auxiliary, control and navigation systems. Following Builder’s Sea Trials, in early 2017 Hobart will undertake further trials to test and demonstrate the ship’s more advanced systems and the combat system performance.

Hobart will conduct Builder’s Sea Trials off the coast of South Australia over several days in September. Throughout this period the ship will be operated under the command of a civilian Master and crew, augmented by specialists from Alliance partners ASC and Raytheon Australia and other equipment suppliers, who will perform the system testing and trials. Before the ship is put to sea, the AWD Alliance will conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure the safety of the ship, embarked personnel, the environment and other seafarers. This assessment is defined as the Alliance Sea Trials Release Process and has three major steps; the Sea Worthiness Assessment, Ship Sea Trials Release and Sea Readiness Confirmation.

During Builder’s Sea Trials, whilst the ship is at sea, a dedicated shore support team will remain in constant communications with the Ship’s Master to assist the ship and ensure the success of the trials.  In the lead up to Builder Sea Trials the AWD Alliance continues to complete a number of important alongside dock trials - testing the ships systems before it departs to sea for the first time.  Tests include Inclining Trials, measuring the ship’s stability and vertical centre of gravity, and Bollard Trials, testing the ship’s propulsion system.

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Above: Hobart being turned with tug assistance to enable further testing on her port side.


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