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Selected by the Government in June 2007 after a rigorous Two Pass Process, Navantia is the Platform Systems Designer for Australia’s Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers. Navantia will work with the AWD Alliance (Defence, ASC and Raytheon Australia) to deliver Australia’s Hobart Class AWDs to the Royal Australian Navy.

Navantia has been designing and building ships for more than 250 years and offers the AWD Alliance a wealth of valuable experience. Importantly, like Australia’s AWDs, Navantia has built four F100s (currently building a fifth) using a modular construction methodology ensuring efficiency benefits for the design of Australia’s Hobart Class.

Navantia is a subcontractor to the Commonwealth and personnel in the Design Team have been integrated seamlessly into the Alliance working environment to achieve common Alliance goals. The ongoing productive and open relationship between Navantia and the Alliance is helping ensure the Royal Australian Navy receives the best capability on time and on budget. 


USN / Lockheed Martin

The AWD Alliance is working alongside the United States Navy and its Aegis Weapon System Engineering Agent, Lockheed Martin, to deliver the Aegis capability to the Hobart Class AWDs.

The US Navy Aegis Weapon System, incorporating the state-of-the-art AN/SPY-1D(V) phased array radar forms the core capability of the Hobart Class AWDs. Aegis is the world’s foremost advanced air defence system capable of engaging enemy aircraft at ranges in excess of 150 kilometres. 

United States Navy     Lockheed Martin

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