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The Hobart Class - History

The name HMAS Hobart is synonymous with Australia’s long and proud naval service tradition.

Hobart I

The original HMAS Hobart, constructed in the UK, was transferred to the Royal Australian Navy in October 1938 seeing World War II service throughout the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Malaya. Evading severe Japanese bombing in the Coral Sea and Solomon Islands in 1942 she was among the first Australian ships present when the Japanese surrendered in August 1945.

Hobart II

The US-built HMAS Hobart II was launched in 1964, joining the US 7th Fleet in Vietnam in 1967 and completing three tours of duty. In 1974 she was one of the first ships to provide relief to Cyclone Tracy stricken Darwin and in 1979 her quarterdeck became the site of a world-first temporary helipad to allow the airlift of an injured Antarctic scientist.

The latest in the line will follow in the wake of these two illustrious predecessors and will be the first of three Hobart Class air warfare destroyers – HMAS Hobart, HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Sydney.

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